Monday, July 12, 2010

7/9- Tyler Sgro and Lady Gaga

So I came into work on Friday and decided pretty last minute that I wanted to go see Lady Gaga at Madison Square Garden with my friend, Tyler, that was coming into town to visit for the weekend. It was a minor pain in the butt to get the tickets because Stub Hub's server was down but luckily, everything worked out.

That afternoon was crazy at work because we're currently doing a promotion with Sprint- live Q&A sessions with various artists- but I needed to find two EVO phones that day because the promotion was starting the next week. Well, easier said than done. The EVO is the only 4G phone so it was a little hard to find on the island of Manhattan. Luckily after calling about 10-12 stores we were able to find two and I rushed over to get them. Crisis averted but man was that stressful.

After work I went back and got ready for the concert and before I knew it, Tyler was there. We rushed to the show and our very crappy seats but we had so much fun dancing to "Poker Face" and "Love Game". The special effects for the show were phenomenal and only further solidified the fact that I want to work in touring at some point in my life.

After the concert we met up with my friend, Bryan, who was also staying with me that weekend and then I took them to this little place in Koreotown. We all caught up and the boys got to know each other and then we headed back because we knew we were getting up early the next day.

Song of the Day:
Obviously, anything by Lady Gaga but her new song "You and I" is really good, check it out here:

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