Monday, July 12, 2010

7/8- Dinner with Chesne!

Thursday at work was pretty average. Jenna is still out of town so it was just Amanda and I working in the marketing department and Joe from digital. I worked on the Big Boi recap some more and continued some work with some RFPs.

We went to lunch at this great burger place by our office, burger creations, and it was exactly what I was craving. After lunch Amanda and I had to go to Sprint to do some research for a future promotion. It was cool because we got some time outside of the office and it had stopped raining at that point.

For dinner I met a friend, Chesne, at Cafetasia. Yes, I really do love that place. I had previously met Chesne in Athens through my friend, John, and she is up here interning with Marc Jacobs.

We got to catch up a lot about our internships and how we're liking New York. Chesne's internship sounds amazing and it was great to hear about someone else that came up here not knowing too many people because it was a dream of theirs. She is thinking that she's going to stay up here after her internship and I am most definitely jealous.

After dinner we went to Pinkberry, which I now love. Pinkberry is an amazing yogurt place that is only in New York and LA and is absolutely to die for! They have every topping you could imagine and I was so excited Chesne suggested going there because it was actually on my list of things to do while in New York.

We stayed there talking for a while even after finishing our yogurts and I really enjoyed getting to hang out with her. I think we're suppose to go to dinner again sometime soon!

Song of the Day:
"I Look So Good (Without You)" by Jessie James! Girls- it is great to rock out to! :)

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