Monday, July 12, 2010

7/7- Wednesday

Wednesday was a pretty chill day at work because once I finished my projects for my bosses, I had free time to work on some personal work that I've been meaning to get to. I worked on this blog for one, catching up a little, but I also started developing my cover letter for an internship I'm applying for this fall.

Around 4:15 though things go a little crazy. Long story short, my boss' boss needed something printed for a meeting at 5 and I had to go pick it up from a printing shop more than a bit away. I got downstairs around 4:30, hailed a cab there and back, but made it with about 10 minutes to spare to the delight of my bosses. It was stressful but I'm just glad everything worked out!

After I got off work I just went home and had a chill night with Sami. I have now gotten her addicted to Pretty Little Liars as well, primarily because we both love the music so much. I have a playlist of about 20 songs from the show and it's only on it's 5th episode, that's impressive.

I then went and grabbed chipotle right as it was closing before heading to bed pretty early to ensure an easier time getting up the next morning.

Song of the Day:
"More of You" by Mozella is yet another song that I'm in love with from Pretty Little Liars. Go take a listen!!

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