Friday, July 9, 2010

7/6- Well that was awkward...

Tuesday had rough start because my alarm didn't go off and even when I got to work (no more than 5 minutes late shockingly) I still wasn't quite awake for about 20 minutes. Joe, who is a digital intern for Billboard, tried to have a conversation with me and I had to tell him to try again in 10 minutes because I was still half-asleep. Those of you that know me well know that I'm not a morning person so none of this should really come as a surprise haha.

Work was good though once I got into the swing of things. I worked on another recap about our Release of the Week program and I honestly really love putting those together.

That night I decided that it was a good night to get to know my roommates a little better. Sammie, Christina, and I all went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant near our dorm and then went to see a movie.

The Chinese restaurant was great but let's just say, the movie was a little... awkward? We saw Solitary Man, which is pretty much just about a 60 year old man that sleeps with girls that are WAY to young for him. About half-way through I screamed "EWW" and seriously considered walking out.

We all suffered through it though and hey, at least the movie was cheap because there's a $7 deal on Tuesdays where students can see a movie and get free popcorn. heck yeah! I think this'll become a regular trend because even though the movie wasn't great, it was a fun roommate outing and gave us something to do on a Tuesday.

Song of the Day:
"Jack and Jill" by Katie Herzing, just because I like it!

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