Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7/4- 4th of July in NYC!

On the 4th I woke up and then went to meet my friend Chase, who I worked with last summer at Star 94, in Chinatown for lunch with his friend, Katie. We went to Joe's Shanghai, which despite the name, is a really authentic and AMAZING chinese restaurant. I was about to order all the cliche American Chinese foods- lo mein, sesame chicken- but Katie ordered for us and got soup dumplings, steamed rolls, and some kind of pancakes. I LOVED it all and will hopefully go back again this weekend!

After lunch I headed back to the dorm to meet Anita and Naveen and after catching up for a bit, we went and saw Eclipse. Naveen LOVED it. Well, not really. He MOCKED it. BUT that was to be expected and Anita and I loved it just the same.

We then headed to go watch the fireworks, which turned into quite an ordeal. We got off at 42nd Street (Times Square) but had to walk to 11th Ave. and continued to follow that all the way to 54th Street with thousands of pedestrians and a bunch of very unhelpful cops. One honestly admitted that they were making up streets to send people to because a) they didn't know what was open and b) they just didn't care. It was chaotic and stressful and HOT but totally worth it once we got a good view by the Hudson and I got to watch fireworks in NYC.

Once the fireworks ended we had to book it because thousands of people were all going in the same direction. To avoid some of the craziness we stopped and had dinner at a great Mexican restaurant, my new favorite!, and then headed back.

Naveen and Anita had to go back to Jersey so I went and met up with the boys for a bit, caught up with them about their day, and before to late I was exhausted and headed back.

Overall it was a very good Fourth of July and I am very thankful for the freedom that I have and the amazing opportunity I've been given to live in this city this summer.

Song of the Day: Another song from Pretty Little Liars, "Begin Again" by Measure. It is hauntingly beautiful! please go listen and enjoy :)

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