Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7/5- Another Monday in Manhattan

So shockingly enough, I woke up late and then had a pretty chill day haha.

I caught up on shows and got to meet my new roommate, Sammie. She is from LA so I asked her a fair amount about that and she seems really cool. She's here interning with the NYU history department and for that reason kind of reminds me of my last roommate, Melissa, who watched the History Channel all day, every day, over the past year in the sorority house.

I hung out with them a fair amount and then was planning to get my haircut but on the way was offered a coupon for a better deal and will do that sometime this week instead.

I then bought baking stuff and went to Jerry, Corey, and Brandon's apartment where Mason made amazing vodka pasta with shrimp and I made turtle brownies for dessert. The food was great but I really just enjoy baking for people and having a group dinner makes me feel older and even more adjusted to the city.

Song of the Day: "Fresh Pair of Eyes" by Brooke Waggoner. It's another song from Pretty Little Liars, I seriously want to work with this music supervisor.

"'Cause I want to be seen
With a fresh pair of eyes
The single white tree
In a black hood of disguise"

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