Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7/1- NO MORE TRIVIA!!! was...!!!!

We completed our 4 thousandth question on Wednesday and today was our last day to edit the questions before sending them off the the game company. I can finally say it- we are completely done with the trivia project and genuinely, I think I learned a lot about music that I didn't know beforehand.

I am relieved to be finished though and it's crazy to sit back and remember how overwhelming it looked when we first started. We were able to finish ahead of schedule by just taking it one step and section at a time and I do feel accomplished.

After we finished that one of my other bosses gave me a new project where I'm helping her compile recap reports for advertisers. I'll go more into the details later but pretty much, it's the biggest role I've probably been given within the marketing department so far and I actually really like what I'm doing.

After work I met Anita and her boyfriend, Naveen, for dinner at my favorite place, Cafetasia. We got to catch up, man do I miss her, and we had a good time hearing about what's been going on over the past week.

When we finished dinner Anita and Naveen went to see a show in Union Square and I headed to meet my friend from UGA, Libby, at the Frying Pan which is a restaurant/bar on a boat at Chelsea Piers. We had a great time catching up there about our internships and experiences in the city and then we went to meet her friends at a place by my apartment. We all hung out there together for a while but I was exhausted so I headed home before too late and hung out with Christina and finally got to Skype with Bo (one of my best friends) before I crashed for the night.

Overall it was a very good day! :)

Song of the Day: "Remember" by Kari Kimmel. The music kind of sounds like a worship song at the beginning (lyrics not so much lol) but the chorus is beautiful and very high. I LOVE singing it and it's currently one of my favorite songs. Please go take a listen,you won't regret it :)

"One moment imprinted
Inside my mind
Could there be
more to this love
or will it be left behind?

'Cause if it's all I can take
I'll remember it all,
remember it all
If it's all I can take
I'll remember it all,
remember it all"

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