Wednesday, July 7, 2010

6/30- Wednesday

So Wednesday was a rough day just because I was exhausted from walking around the city all day on Tuesday.

But we got a new intern named Jackson and we got to go to a huge meeting with the heads of the Marketing, Sales, Digital, and Video departments. The meeting was kind of intense and intimidating but I took a lot of notes and was able to follow most of what was going on. I asked my boss a few questions after the meeting and she seemed glad that I had paid enough attention to write down whatever I was confused about.

That night I went to see a movie with one of the interns, Jenna, and her friend. We saw Grown Ups, which was...kind of funny? kind of awkward? Let's go with both. The best part was that there was a guy sitting behind us that had the most unique, overwhelmingly loud laugh I've ever heard in my life. I swear it was a blessing that he was there though because he even found the stupid jokes funny and hearing him laugh made Jenna and I laugh as well.

After that I went home and did a lot of cleaning now that the first set of roommates are moved out and it's just Christina and I. I went to bed relatively early because I knew it was going to be a busy day at work the next day.

Song of the Day: "My Way of Thinking" by Greg Holden. I just came across it on my ipod and it's catchy. It was stuck in my head all day, which was better I guess than a song that everyone knows.

"When I fall face down sinking
What's in store for me
With my eyes gracefully saving me from insanity
What is wrong with my way of thinking?
Do I need it, do I want it? Yeah..
What is wrong with my way of thinking?"

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