Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7/3- Promises, Promises

So I slept in late on Saturday, which was great because I can't during the week, and then I went to lunch at a Mexican restuarant with Mason. I've tried really hard to find an authentic mexican restaurant in the city and I really liked where we went.

After lunch we went shopping for a bit and then hung out at my dorm where I took a nap- I was still exhausted- and Mason watched movie trailers for what seemed like forever.

That night Mason and I went to see Promises, Promises on Broadway starting Kristen Chenoweth. The show was great!!! I really did love it because I'm obviously a fan of musicals but also because I think Kristen Chenoweth's voice is phenomenal. She used to star in Wicked on Broadway and just recently made a few appearances on Glee.

We were both starving after the show so we went to Olive Garden in the middle of Times Square. I got majorly made fun of for going to Olive Garden because yes, we do have those in GA, but sometimes you just crave their salad and breadsticks. :-p

It was late before I got back to my dorm but I caught up with Christina, who had also seen a Broadway show that day, and then went to bed. I really had a great Saturday and it was fun to hang out with Mason because he's one of my closest guy friends.

Song of the Day: Kristen Chenoweth's version of "A House Is Not A Home" because I love singing it and it gave me chills when I heard it on Broadway. I believe she also sang it on Glee :)

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