Wednesday, July 7, 2010

6/29- Casey Comes to Visit

So on Tuesday my guy friend from GA Tech, Casey, got to town around 11 and we met the other Billboard interns at my favorite lunch spot, Cafetasia, which was a lot of fun. Everyone got along really well and we talked about a little bit of everything.
After lunch the other interns had to go back to work and Casey and I started our adventurous journey across the city. We took the subway and got out at Times Square where he took some pictures and then we decided we wanted to see if we could get into a filming of David Letterman last second. We walked to the studio, took some pictures, but had to resign ourselves to the fact that Letterman was just not going to happen.

So then we walked some more on the outside of Central Park all the way to Dylan's Candy Bar, which was AMAZING!!! It is a three floor candy shop with great ice cream sundays and I think I'm in love lol. We stayed there for a while and Casey told me about his mission trip to South Africa where he will be for 7 weeks.
After that we decided to be really touristy. We went to the Empire State Building, which was beautiful and I was amazed by the amount of buildings I could recognize (even without the cheesy $8 map Casey got coned into buying lol).

After the Empire State building we got coffee and then decided to search out Famous Joe's Pizza on Bleeker. Casey had been there once before and said it was the best pizza in New York. When we finally found it, which actually didn't take that long (go Casey!), it wasn't long before the pizza was at our table and man was it good.
After that we walked back towards Union Square, stopping by Washington square and a few other sights on the way, and then went to buy my new computer.

I got a new macbook, which is love!!, and then Casey and I went back and he spent a few hours setting it up. I was so thankful to have him there to help me with it because my lack of setup knowledge became very apparent and mildly frustrated Casey in fact haha.

After that we watched Meet Joe Black (my favorite movie)and then I went to bed because I had work in the morning. It was great having Casey come visit and I think he had a good time!

Song of the Day:

"Manhattan" by Mozella. It's a great song that I got off an episode of Pretty Little Liars. I have to tell you- I love the music from that show and you'll probably be seeing a few songs from it.

"Ive learned to take it all in stride
To see the world with my own eyes
I've learned to trust the other side

I don't want your this
I don't want your that
I'm moving to Manhattan
and I'm never looking back"

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