Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7/2- The Start of the Long Weekend

So on Friday I continued to work on the recap for our Release of the Week program, which featured The Dream for that week. Pretty much I had to put together a ppt that talked about all the different advertisements we had for the album in Billboard Magazine, on, and in our daily and weekly bulletins.

I really liked this project because it is very marketing specific but also because I feel like I learned a lot of tricks with ppt while working on it. Plus I am a creative person that is very detail oriented so something like this is a perfect project for me that I really enjoy.

I was able to finish up most of the ppt before we got out at 1pm for the day because of the holiday weekend. My boss, Kerri, said that I did a good job and that I'll be helping her more with those in the future, which is really encouraging.

When I got home I was actually really productive- I cleaned and organized a lot and then hung out with my roommate and her friends from her production class. Christina is also studying film production so it's cool that we have that in common.

After that I finally got to catch up on some of my shows, we don't have a tv and I've been computer-less for so long, and then I went to dinner with Mason. We tried a new thai place, Spice, and it was good but I'm still biased for Cafetasia ;).

When we finished dinner we left and hung out at Jerry's for a while. There were a few people there that I hadn't met yet, Ford and George, so we all got to know each other before going to meet my friend Nicole (she interns at Adweek on the same floor as Billboard) at a place near my dorm. Everyone got along really well and Friday was a really fun night!

Song of the Day: "I Won't" by Colbie Callait. It came up a few times on Pandora and I really think it's a soothing, beautiful song. Take a listen if you haven't heard. Her Itunes Session CD is really great as well.

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