Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7/17- Siren Music Festival

On Saturday I woke up later than expected, just like every other weekend morning haha, and then Sami and I got ready to go to the Siren Music Festival on Coney Island, which is a free concert series put on by the Village Voice.

On our way to the subway we noticed that there was an open air fair going on on 4th Ave and let's just say we got a little distracted. We walked around for a bit, bought amazing smoothies, and then somehow ended up in a thrift job that was having a 50% of day that all went to diabetes research.

We shopped for a bit, got pizza, and then finally headed towards Coney for the music festival.

It was unbelievably hot and I honestly didn't know any of the bands but it was so much fun. We hung out with my friends Chesne and Steven, walked the boardwalk, and heard tons of great music.

We got back from the festival, had dinner, and went to bed early because I was heading to New Jersey the next morning.

Song of the Day:
"Lay Me Down" by The Wreckers, just because it's a good song that came up on my Itunes shuffle.

Friday, July 16, 2010

7/16- Mason and Amy's Birthday!!

On Friday both of my bosses were out of town so it was another slightly crazy day. I was reporting to Lila all day, who is the Senior Marketing Director, and my bosses' boss.

So at first I worked on finalizing the report about the Q&A to send out first thing that morning. I also had to get the recaps printed for Lila's big meeting, which was actually cool because I then got to work on the recap from beginning to end.

Throughout the day Lila asked for help on different projects and though I was a little nervous about reporting directly to her, she was great to work with and I enjoyed being able to help on so many different projects.

After work I went home and took a nap since I was up so late working on the report and then put the final touches on Mason's 21st birthday cake.

I swear I'm the only one out of my friends that LOVES birthdays but we had a great time celebrating Mason's. I think he liked the cake and I had a lot of fun meeting a bunch of new people and hanging out with a lot of great friends.

Song of the Day:
"Don't You Know You're Beautiful" by Seabird. The intro alone is to die for and I love Seabird.

7/15- Biggest Day at Work

This was a big day at work because since one of my bosses was out of town, I was in charge of all of the social media for Billboard which is about 5 different accounts that reach over a quarter of a million people. Ahh. And everything had to be updated every thirty minutes. Ahh.

BUT not only that- I was also in charge of monitoring the Live Q&A session with Pete Wentz, counting the number of social interactions involved, and providing a recap for the entire marketing department the next day. STRESS!

Everything went really well though and I had multiple bosses compliment me but I would not have made it through without Jenna and Amanda keeping me calm. Especially since changes still had to be made to a recap report that was due and there was a strict deadline, another stresser.

After work I was rightly exhausted though! I had dinner with Sami, worked on the recap due the next day, and made a cake for Mason's birthday, which was the next day.

Song of the Day:
"Life is Beautiful" by Vega4.This song calms me down when I'm slightly stressed lol.

"Life is beautiful, but it's complicated.
We barely make it.
We don't need to understand,
There are miracles, miracles.

Yeah, life is beautiful.
Our hearts, they beat and break.

When you run away from harm,
Will you run back into my arms,
Like you did when you were young?
Will you come back to me?

I will hold you tightly
When the hurting kicks in.

Life is beautiful, but it's complicated,
we barely make it.
We don't need to understand,
There are miracles, miracles."

7/14- Dinner with Sarah

Work was not too stressful today but I was pretty tired so I moved slowly in the morning. One of my bosses had to teach me how to maintain all of our social networking sites because I will be taking over for the next two days and then the final changes needed to be made to The Dream recap report.

After work I met a fellow Grady Ambassador, Sarah, in Greenwich Village for dinner. We had a good time catching up about our summer and after that we wonder our way through the village, stopping at a park to talk and then eventually ending up at Magnolia's Bakery again. I really do loooove cupcakes, haha.

I got back to the dorm pretty late, did laundry, and hung out with Sami. It was a good, restful Tuesday, and I got to prepare myself for the next day at work, which I knew would be a little crazy.

Song of the Day:
"Sparks" by Coldplay. I'm reclaiming Coldplay in my life!

7/13- Dinner with Sammie

Work that Tuesday was pretty chill, I worked some more on recaps and got to catch up with the other interns about our weekends. It was raining all day though, which I am not a fan of.

After work I was finally able to introduce Sami to Cafetasia and thankfully, she loved it, but how could she not? Yes, once again, I am obsessed with this place.

We then headed back and watched two movies on her NetFlix, including "When Harry Met Sally". I made my favorite dessert, rice krispies with butterscotch and chocolate and we had a great girls night in.

song of the day:
"Hero" by Regina Spektor. It's a song from 500 Days of Summer that randomly popped into my head again recently.

Monday, July 12, 2010

7/12- A Day of Catch Up

On Monday I was able to catch up on older blog posts, do some reading for my internship course, and worked on a cover letter for a fall internship in Atlanta. I also was finally able to upload all of my pictures of my trip so far, which were really cool to look back and realize what all I've been able to do so far.

After that I watched a fair amount of shows and just had a chill day, which I was definitely in need of.

Song of the Day:
"Maybe You Could Love Me Anyway" by Sean McConnell. This is currently my FAVORITE song. If you don't go listen to anything else I suggest, just go listen to this song. It is so heartfelt and beautiful, I almost cried when I heard it live for the first time.

7/11- World Cup Finals

On Sunday we woke up really late because we were all exhausted from staying out late at the movie. We had Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, which is conveniently right next to my dorm.

Tyler went and played Chess in Union Square and although he lost terribly, he had a really good time and met a very interesting man from Cambodia. After we were done with that, Tyler, Sami, and I went to watch the World Cup at a pub near my office. It was really packed and hot so before too long we headed back to my dorm and jut ended up watching the rest of the match with Bryan and then a bunch of NYU students downstairs in the common area.

After the match Bryan had to catch his bus back to DC and then I took a nap because I was still exhausted. I slept for a while and then Tyler and I went to meet Mason and some more UGA friends for dinner at this great southern restaurant in Tribeca.

On our way back from dinner Tyler and I stopped in Union Square park and just talked about the weekend and what we both had going on the next week. It was a beautiful night that just reminded me of how much I love this city.

Tyler had an early plane ride the next morning so after watching The City, which Tyler agreed to only because he thought it was cool that it is filmed here, we both called it a night.

It was a great weekend and I'm really glad Tyler was able to come visit!

Song of the Day:
"Halfway Home" by Jason Mraz because I love it and Tyler refuses to listen to Jason Mraz.

7/10- A Busy Saturday

Saturday was so much fun because we were able to cram a lot into one day. We woke up decently early and then made our way down to Chinatown for lunch. I took Sami and Tyler to Joe's Shangai and they fell in love with it instantly as well.

After a great lunch we all headed to the highline, which is an elevated garden/park in the meatpacking district. We walked around the highline for a little while, which was gorgeous, and took some dorky pictures of us, the Empire State Building, and the DVF that Whitney Port worked at on The City.

Then when I was looking on google maps (SO helpful), I noticed that Magnolia Bakery was pretty close by. We headed that way, ended up stopping at a sports bar to watch some of the soccer match, and then finally made it to the famous Magnolia bakery that was in Sex and the City. The cupcakes were soooo good and I was excited to finally try one.

After getting back to the dorm we had to book it in order to go to the Mets/Braves game at Citi Field. The game was a lot of fun- we won 4 to 0 I believe- and I even ran into a sorority sister that I didn't know was in New York.

It took a little while to get back after the game but then Tyler and I got ready and went to dinner in Little Italy. The restaurant was great and after dinner we walked around, shopped a little bit, and bought gelato. Tyler bought a shirt that said "Hug me- I'm half Italian", which totally fits his personality.

When we got back we hung out with Sami a little bit and then went to see a midnight showing of "Despicable Me". Tyler wore his shirt and tried to hug strangers on his way, the looks from the mean people were by FAR the best part. The movie was also pretty cute and a good way to end a full, fun day.

Song of the Day:
"Desecration Smile" by Red Hot Chili Peppers for no other reason than Tyler really likes it and made me listen to it.

7/9- Tyler Sgro and Lady Gaga

So I came into work on Friday and decided pretty last minute that I wanted to go see Lady Gaga at Madison Square Garden with my friend, Tyler, that was coming into town to visit for the weekend. It was a minor pain in the butt to get the tickets because Stub Hub's server was down but luckily, everything worked out.

That afternoon was crazy at work because we're currently doing a promotion with Sprint- live Q&A sessions with various artists- but I needed to find two EVO phones that day because the promotion was starting the next week. Well, easier said than done. The EVO is the only 4G phone so it was a little hard to find on the island of Manhattan. Luckily after calling about 10-12 stores we were able to find two and I rushed over to get them. Crisis averted but man was that stressful.

After work I went back and got ready for the concert and before I knew it, Tyler was there. We rushed to the show and our very crappy seats but we had so much fun dancing to "Poker Face" and "Love Game". The special effects for the show were phenomenal and only further solidified the fact that I want to work in touring at some point in my life.

After the concert we met up with my friend, Bryan, who was also staying with me that weekend and then I took them to this little place in Koreotown. We all caught up and the boys got to know each other and then we headed back because we knew we were getting up early the next day.

Song of the Day:
Obviously, anything by Lady Gaga but her new song "You and I" is really good, check it out here:

7/8- Dinner with Chesne!

Thursday at work was pretty average. Jenna is still out of town so it was just Amanda and I working in the marketing department and Joe from digital. I worked on the Big Boi recap some more and continued some work with some RFPs.

We went to lunch at this great burger place by our office, burger creations, and it was exactly what I was craving. After lunch Amanda and I had to go to Sprint to do some research for a future promotion. It was cool because we got some time outside of the office and it had stopped raining at that point.

For dinner I met a friend, Chesne, at Cafetasia. Yes, I really do love that place. I had previously met Chesne in Athens through my friend, John, and she is up here interning with Marc Jacobs.

We got to catch up a lot about our internships and how we're liking New York. Chesne's internship sounds amazing and it was great to hear about someone else that came up here not knowing too many people because it was a dream of theirs. She is thinking that she's going to stay up here after her internship and I am most definitely jealous.

After dinner we went to Pinkberry, which I now love. Pinkberry is an amazing yogurt place that is only in New York and LA and is absolutely to die for! They have every topping you could imagine and I was so excited Chesne suggested going there because it was actually on my list of things to do while in New York.

We stayed there talking for a while even after finishing our yogurts and I really enjoyed getting to hang out with her. I think we're suppose to go to dinner again sometime soon!

Song of the Day:
"I Look So Good (Without You)" by Jessie James! Girls- it is great to rock out to! :)

7/7- Wednesday

Wednesday was a pretty chill day at work because once I finished my projects for my bosses, I had free time to work on some personal work that I've been meaning to get to. I worked on this blog for one, catching up a little, but I also started developing my cover letter for an internship I'm applying for this fall.

Around 4:15 though things go a little crazy. Long story short, my boss' boss needed something printed for a meeting at 5 and I had to go pick it up from a printing shop more than a bit away. I got downstairs around 4:30, hailed a cab there and back, but made it with about 10 minutes to spare to the delight of my bosses. It was stressful but I'm just glad everything worked out!

After I got off work I just went home and had a chill night with Sami. I have now gotten her addicted to Pretty Little Liars as well, primarily because we both love the music so much. I have a playlist of about 20 songs from the show and it's only on it's 5th episode, that's impressive.

I then went and grabbed chipotle right as it was closing before heading to bed pretty early to ensure an easier time getting up the next morning.

Song of the Day:
"More of You" by Mozella is yet another song that I'm in love with from Pretty Little Liars. Go take a listen!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

7/6- Well that was awkward...

Tuesday had rough start because my alarm didn't go off and even when I got to work (no more than 5 minutes late shockingly) I still wasn't quite awake for about 20 minutes. Joe, who is a digital intern for Billboard, tried to have a conversation with me and I had to tell him to try again in 10 minutes because I was still half-asleep. Those of you that know me well know that I'm not a morning person so none of this should really come as a surprise haha.

Work was good though once I got into the swing of things. I worked on another recap about our Release of the Week program and I honestly really love putting those together.

That night I decided that it was a good night to get to know my roommates a little better. Sammie, Christina, and I all went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant near our dorm and then went to see a movie.

The Chinese restaurant was great but let's just say, the movie was a little... awkward? We saw Solitary Man, which is pretty much just about a 60 year old man that sleeps with girls that are WAY to young for him. About half-way through I screamed "EWW" and seriously considered walking out.

We all suffered through it though and hey, at least the movie was cheap because there's a $7 deal on Tuesdays where students can see a movie and get free popcorn. heck yeah! I think this'll become a regular trend because even though the movie wasn't great, it was a fun roommate outing and gave us something to do on a Tuesday.

Song of the Day:
"Jack and Jill" by Katie Herzing, just because I like it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7/5- Another Monday in Manhattan

So shockingly enough, I woke up late and then had a pretty chill day haha.

I caught up on shows and got to meet my new roommate, Sammie. She is from LA so I asked her a fair amount about that and she seems really cool. She's here interning with the NYU history department and for that reason kind of reminds me of my last roommate, Melissa, who watched the History Channel all day, every day, over the past year in the sorority house.

I hung out with them a fair amount and then was planning to get my haircut but on the way was offered a coupon for a better deal and will do that sometime this week instead.

I then bought baking stuff and went to Jerry, Corey, and Brandon's apartment where Mason made amazing vodka pasta with shrimp and I made turtle brownies for dessert. The food was great but I really just enjoy baking for people and having a group dinner makes me feel older and even more adjusted to the city.

Song of the Day: "Fresh Pair of Eyes" by Brooke Waggoner. It's another song from Pretty Little Liars, I seriously want to work with this music supervisor.

"'Cause I want to be seen
With a fresh pair of eyes
The single white tree
In a black hood of disguise"

7/4- 4th of July in NYC!

On the 4th I woke up and then went to meet my friend Chase, who I worked with last summer at Star 94, in Chinatown for lunch with his friend, Katie. We went to Joe's Shanghai, which despite the name, is a really authentic and AMAZING chinese restaurant. I was about to order all the cliche American Chinese foods- lo mein, sesame chicken- but Katie ordered for us and got soup dumplings, steamed rolls, and some kind of pancakes. I LOVED it all and will hopefully go back again this weekend!

After lunch I headed back to the dorm to meet Anita and Naveen and after catching up for a bit, we went and saw Eclipse. Naveen LOVED it. Well, not really. He MOCKED it. BUT that was to be expected and Anita and I loved it just the same.

We then headed to go watch the fireworks, which turned into quite an ordeal. We got off at 42nd Street (Times Square) but had to walk to 11th Ave. and continued to follow that all the way to 54th Street with thousands of pedestrians and a bunch of very unhelpful cops. One honestly admitted that they were making up streets to send people to because a) they didn't know what was open and b) they just didn't care. It was chaotic and stressful and HOT but totally worth it once we got a good view by the Hudson and I got to watch fireworks in NYC.

Once the fireworks ended we had to book it because thousands of people were all going in the same direction. To avoid some of the craziness we stopped and had dinner at a great Mexican restaurant, my new favorite!, and then headed back.

Naveen and Anita had to go back to Jersey so I went and met up with the boys for a bit, caught up with them about their day, and before to late I was exhausted and headed back.

Overall it was a very good Fourth of July and I am very thankful for the freedom that I have and the amazing opportunity I've been given to live in this city this summer.

Song of the Day: Another song from Pretty Little Liars, "Begin Again" by Measure. It is hauntingly beautiful! please go listen and enjoy :)

7/3- Promises, Promises

So I slept in late on Saturday, which was great because I can't during the week, and then I went to lunch at a Mexican restuarant with Mason. I've tried really hard to find an authentic mexican restaurant in the city and I really liked where we went.

After lunch we went shopping for a bit and then hung out at my dorm where I took a nap- I was still exhausted- and Mason watched movie trailers for what seemed like forever.

That night Mason and I went to see Promises, Promises on Broadway starting Kristen Chenoweth. The show was great!!! I really did love it because I'm obviously a fan of musicals but also because I think Kristen Chenoweth's voice is phenomenal. She used to star in Wicked on Broadway and just recently made a few appearances on Glee.

We were both starving after the show so we went to Olive Garden in the middle of Times Square. I got majorly made fun of for going to Olive Garden because yes, we do have those in GA, but sometimes you just crave their salad and breadsticks. :-p

It was late before I got back to my dorm but I caught up with Christina, who had also seen a Broadway show that day, and then went to bed. I really had a great Saturday and it was fun to hang out with Mason because he's one of my closest guy friends.

Song of the Day: Kristen Chenoweth's version of "A House Is Not A Home" because I love singing it and it gave me chills when I heard it on Broadway. I believe she also sang it on Glee :)

7/2- The Start of the Long Weekend

So on Friday I continued to work on the recap for our Release of the Week program, which featured The Dream for that week. Pretty much I had to put together a ppt that talked about all the different advertisements we had for the album in Billboard Magazine, on, and in our daily and weekly bulletins.

I really liked this project because it is very marketing specific but also because I feel like I learned a lot of tricks with ppt while working on it. Plus I am a creative person that is very detail oriented so something like this is a perfect project for me that I really enjoy.

I was able to finish up most of the ppt before we got out at 1pm for the day because of the holiday weekend. My boss, Kerri, said that I did a good job and that I'll be helping her more with those in the future, which is really encouraging.

When I got home I was actually really productive- I cleaned and organized a lot and then hung out with my roommate and her friends from her production class. Christina is also studying film production so it's cool that we have that in common.

After that I finally got to catch up on some of my shows, we don't have a tv and I've been computer-less for so long, and then I went to dinner with Mason. We tried a new thai place, Spice, and it was good but I'm still biased for Cafetasia ;).

When we finished dinner we left and hung out at Jerry's for a while. There were a few people there that I hadn't met yet, Ford and George, so we all got to know each other before going to meet my friend Nicole (she interns at Adweek on the same floor as Billboard) at a place near my dorm. Everyone got along really well and Friday was a really fun night!

Song of the Day: "I Won't" by Colbie Callait. It came up a few times on Pandora and I really think it's a soothing, beautiful song. Take a listen if you haven't heard. Her Itunes Session CD is really great as well.

7/1- NO MORE TRIVIA!!! was...!!!!

We completed our 4 thousandth question on Wednesday and today was our last day to edit the questions before sending them off the the game company. I can finally say it- we are completely done with the trivia project and genuinely, I think I learned a lot about music that I didn't know beforehand.

I am relieved to be finished though and it's crazy to sit back and remember how overwhelming it looked when we first started. We were able to finish ahead of schedule by just taking it one step and section at a time and I do feel accomplished.

After we finished that one of my other bosses gave me a new project where I'm helping her compile recap reports for advertisers. I'll go more into the details later but pretty much, it's the biggest role I've probably been given within the marketing department so far and I actually really like what I'm doing.

After work I met Anita and her boyfriend, Naveen, for dinner at my favorite place, Cafetasia. We got to catch up, man do I miss her, and we had a good time hearing about what's been going on over the past week.

When we finished dinner Anita and Naveen went to see a show in Union Square and I headed to meet my friend from UGA, Libby, at the Frying Pan which is a restaurant/bar on a boat at Chelsea Piers. We had a great time catching up there about our internships and experiences in the city and then we went to meet her friends at a place by my apartment. We all hung out there together for a while but I was exhausted so I headed home before too late and hung out with Christina and finally got to Skype with Bo (one of my best friends) before I crashed for the night.

Overall it was a very good day! :)

Song of the Day: "Remember" by Kari Kimmel. The music kind of sounds like a worship song at the beginning (lyrics not so much lol) but the chorus is beautiful and very high. I LOVE singing it and it's currently one of my favorite songs. Please go take a listen,you won't regret it :)

"One moment imprinted
Inside my mind
Could there be
more to this love
or will it be left behind?

'Cause if it's all I can take
I'll remember it all,
remember it all
If it's all I can take
I'll remember it all,
remember it all"

6/30- Wednesday

So Wednesday was a rough day just because I was exhausted from walking around the city all day on Tuesday.

But we got a new intern named Jackson and we got to go to a huge meeting with the heads of the Marketing, Sales, Digital, and Video departments. The meeting was kind of intense and intimidating but I took a lot of notes and was able to follow most of what was going on. I asked my boss a few questions after the meeting and she seemed glad that I had paid enough attention to write down whatever I was confused about.

That night I went to see a movie with one of the interns, Jenna, and her friend. We saw Grown Ups, which was...kind of funny? kind of awkward? Let's go with both. The best part was that there was a guy sitting behind us that had the most unique, overwhelmingly loud laugh I've ever heard in my life. I swear it was a blessing that he was there though because he even found the stupid jokes funny and hearing him laugh made Jenna and I laugh as well.

After that I went home and did a lot of cleaning now that the first set of roommates are moved out and it's just Christina and I. I went to bed relatively early because I knew it was going to be a busy day at work the next day.

Song of the Day: "My Way of Thinking" by Greg Holden. I just came across it on my ipod and it's catchy. It was stuck in my head all day, which was better I guess than a song that everyone knows.

"When I fall face down sinking
What's in store for me
With my eyes gracefully saving me from insanity
What is wrong with my way of thinking?
Do I need it, do I want it? Yeah..
What is wrong with my way of thinking?"

6/29- Casey Comes to Visit

So on Tuesday my guy friend from GA Tech, Casey, got to town around 11 and we met the other Billboard interns at my favorite lunch spot, Cafetasia, which was a lot of fun. Everyone got along really well and we talked about a little bit of everything.
After lunch the other interns had to go back to work and Casey and I started our adventurous journey across the city. We took the subway and got out at Times Square where he took some pictures and then we decided we wanted to see if we could get into a filming of David Letterman last second. We walked to the studio, took some pictures, but had to resign ourselves to the fact that Letterman was just not going to happen.

So then we walked some more on the outside of Central Park all the way to Dylan's Candy Bar, which was AMAZING!!! It is a three floor candy shop with great ice cream sundays and I think I'm in love lol. We stayed there for a while and Casey told me about his mission trip to South Africa where he will be for 7 weeks.
After that we decided to be really touristy. We went to the Empire State Building, which was beautiful and I was amazed by the amount of buildings I could recognize (even without the cheesy $8 map Casey got coned into buying lol).

After the Empire State building we got coffee and then decided to search out Famous Joe's Pizza on Bleeker. Casey had been there once before and said it was the best pizza in New York. When we finally found it, which actually didn't take that long (go Casey!), it wasn't long before the pizza was at our table and man was it good.
After that we walked back towards Union Square, stopping by Washington square and a few other sights on the way, and then went to buy my new computer.

I got a new macbook, which is love!!, and then Casey and I went back and he spent a few hours setting it up. I was so thankful to have him there to help me with it because my lack of setup knowledge became very apparent and mildly frustrated Casey in fact haha.

After that we watched Meet Joe Black (my favorite movie)and then I went to bed because I had work in the morning. It was great having Casey come visit and I think he had a good time!

Song of the Day:

"Manhattan" by Mozella. It's a great song that I got off an episode of Pretty Little Liars. I have to tell you- I love the music from that show and you'll probably be seeing a few songs from it.

"Ive learned to take it all in stride
To see the world with my own eyes
I've learned to trust the other side

I don't want your this
I don't want your that
I'm moving to Manhattan
and I'm never looking back"