Friday, June 11, 2010

6/5- Saturday in the City

I didn't get back until pretty late on Friday night so I slept in on Saturday morning. Then I went and met Rebekah and her friend Hatty for lunch at a pizza place where they were meeting Rebekah's friend Weston, who works in TV production here in NY.

Lunch was a lot of fun because we all just got along very well and joked for a couple hours. I also got to talk to Weston about his job and the shows he's worked on (Celebrity Apprentice, Project Runway, Design Star), which was really interesting since I'm also interested in film production.

After lunch Rebekah and I headed back to my dorm, rested for a bit, and then met Mason to go to Washington Square. I swear, that has turned into one of my favorite places in the city because there's always something going on and it's great to sit by the fountain on a beautiful day.

After that I showed them my office and we went back to hang out at my dorm and they all met the roommates. We joked around for about an hour, devoured a bag of dibs, and then Rebekah, Laura (a roommate), Nick (Laura's boyfriend), and I decided we wanted to go to a concert on Governor's Island.

It sucked because by the time we got to the ferry to take us to the island, they were over capacity and had shut the island down. I've never really heard of people shutting down an island before but hey, we still decided to make the most of it. In the distance we could see the Brooklyn bridge so we decided to go walk on it because it's beautiful at night.

We did that for a while and took some pictures (which I will post when I get my computer working again) and then heading back towards Union Square for dinner. We went to this japanese restaurant that was SOO loud but really New York-esk and then we headed back for a restful last night in New York for Rebekah.

Song Of The Day:
"Brooklyn" by Wakey!Wakey! just because I walked on the Brooklyn bridge that night :)

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  1. Such a fun weekend; wish I could come back already! haha Thanks again for hosting me! =)