Friday, June 4, 2010

6/4- It's Friday Night

At work I got to help a lot more on the marketing side of things on Friday because I was the only intern working.I had to draft a pitch about the newest editorial gallery all about Carrie Underwood's fashion evolution and then send it out to different press outlets to gain exposure. It was slightly intimidating but a good experience and I think I've already learned more about different pitch structures.

I also made an intern calendar for my boss, went on a staples run, and sent out some packages before working on more trivia. Finally, towards the end of the day one of my bosses took me to the closet where they store back issues of Billboards because she needed me to find some with Tim McGraw on the cover to get signed for fans at the Country Music Summit in Nashville.

The closet was crazy! It has very little to no organization but it was actually a lot of fun rummaging through old issues and I got to keep a few included a Michael Jackson memorial issue, an Olympics issue, and a 100th Year Anniversary of Billboard issue.

Friday was a good day at work because I liked what I was doing and I had two of my bosses stop by my desk and tell me that I was doing a good job. I'm very much a words of encouragement person and it meant a lot for them to take time out of their days to say that.

After work I went to see my sorority sister, Stephanie's, dance show because she had been doing a two week long dance intensive in NY. My friend Rebekah went with me because she was in town visiting for the weekend and afterwards we went to dinner and met up with the boys for a bit. It was a fun night and it was really cool to get to see Stephanie perform in NY, I was so proud!

Carrie Underwood Gallery I wrote a pitch for:

Song of the Day:
N*SYNC's "Friday Night". I'm in a super good mood so even though the song isn't accurate for me, I'm blasting some old school "just got paid, friday night"...

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