Thursday, June 3, 2010

6/3- Work and fun in Soho

At work I focused on the trivia project in the morning- I figured out we'll have to come up with about 4,000 trivia questions, yikes! But then I did a few more invoices, had to follow up with a few companies and have them fax us receipts, and just did a lot of random jobs for my three bosses. I also helped out a lot with a brand summary that just talked about the success of a previous campaign for one of our sponsors and I was finally able to set up my billboard email. I am now officially legit and can be emailed at! at least until mid august haha!

After work there was a promo at an Apple Store in Soho for Get Him to the Greek and both Jonah Hill and Russell Brand were there talking about the movie. And by talking about the movie I mean really just having a little comedy set on stage randomly interrupted occasionally by a moderator and video clips. It was great- they're both really entertaining and it was something just cool and free to do during the week.

After that Anita and I went to dinner in this really cool place in Soho called Peep. The reason they call it that is a little awkward though- their bathrooms are really just two way mirrors so you watch everyone while you're in the restroom. It was kind of uncomfortable and unnecessary but o well.

We then walked back to the dorm from Soho, which is about a 20 minute walk. It was really nice out and I stopped and got ice cream- I'd say that walking in NYC on a beautiful night with ice cream is probably the most content anyone could ever hope to be. BUT then it got better. When Anita and I got back we got to watch the new episode of Glee while I finished my ice cream- I've now officially turned Anita into a Gleek- and it was a great way to end the night!

Song Of The Day:
"Sleepyhead" by Passion Pit because A) i'm currently exhausted while writing this B) it's stuck in my head & C) my roommates were talking about probably going to their concert in late June or July!

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  1. haha I wanna go to Peep. that would be funny watching everyone outside while you're in the bathroom