Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6/1- My Sister's Birthday

Tuesday was my big sister's 23rd birthday, woohoo!! I'm bummed that I'm having to miss it but I hope she'll understand.

Tuesday was a crazy busy day at work. A new intern, Jenna, started and although I've only been there a week, I had to help train her, go with her to get her badge, and help get her settled in. She is really great- very geniune and easy to work with, which is great because we'll work together three days a week.

I now have a Billboard email, ahh, so legit. SO legit. And yes, I know I shouldn't be that excited but I am haha!

Jenna and I continued to work on the trivia project, I'm excited to have someone to split that with, and then sent a few packages, returned some emails, and learned how to create and organize invoices.

I came home after work and I was honestly absolutely exhausted. I watched Glee with my roommates on my semi-broken computer, read a little more in my book, joked around with Anita for a while, and then went to bed.

Song Of The Day:

"So Contagious" by Acceptance. Once again, just because I like it. The song and the band are e great. "Different" is very good as well, check them both out!

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