Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5/31- Memorial Day

My memorial day was really chill. I was originally going to try to go to Jersey for my friend, Michelle's, birthday but plans kind of fell through and I was also worried about not getting back in time for work Tuesday morning. So I updated the blog, hope you guys appreciated it lol, did some work for Billboard, read one of the many books I'm currently working on, and caught up on some of my shows.
Then my roommate Anita got back from visiting home and we both got dressed up and went out to a nice dinner at Cafeteria. It's a great restaurant not too far away from our dorm and there's typically a few celebs there. I got fried chicken and waffles that were to die for!!! It's funny that I've never had those together in the south but just had to try it in NYC.
We then headed back to the dorm and it was an absolutely beautiful night in the city. We walked passed some navy seals and it reminded just how thankful I am for those who have fought and died defending our country.
I've already figured out that I truly love to just walk around this city, taking it all in, and I know I will miss being able to do that when this summer is over.

Song Of The Day:

The live version of "City" by Sara Barielles. The lyrics are "here in these deep city lights/
girl could get lost tonight..." and it was stuck in my head as we were taking our time walking back to the dorm!

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