Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6/28- Work on a Monday

I don't typically work on Mondays but I got a call from my friend, Casey, who said he wanted to come visit on Tuesday so my boss let me switch my days. She only had me work a half day though so I didn't come in until around 1.

Most of the day we had to work on trivia and then help my boss, Kerri, organize the budget for the marketing department. We had to look through a lot of old invoices and whatnot, which was kind of fun because I was working with both Jenna and Amanda but let's just say I'm not studying finance or accounting for a reason lol.

After I got home, I took a long nap and then had to help Christina organize the apartment and cleaned since Casey was coming the next day.

It was honestly a little bit of a boring Monday but that'll only make Tuesday even more fun!

Song of the Day: Our Monday Mashup with "Neon Trees" covering Justin Bieber. I love Neon Trees and this version of "Baby" is pretty solid. Check it out below:

6/30- UPDATE!!!




Friday, June 18, 2010


Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know why I haven't posted lately-

My computer is broken and has been in the shop for almost two weeks now. I'm typically too busy to write posts at work though so I haven't been able to keep up with the blog. I promise, I will be writing again once my computer is back.

Sorry everyone, love you guys!


Friday, June 11, 2010

6/6- My NY Acting Debut

So Rebekah and I woke up relatively early on Sunday so that we could go get breakfast before she had to catch her flight. It was great having her come visit and I'm really going to love working with her on Grammy U next year.

After we said our goodbyes I was exhausted and headed back to my dorm for a nap. When I got back though, Laura was freaking out because her actors for her short film for her production class were all backing out at the last second. I offered to act if we could come up with a new storyline and that's what we ended up doing.

When we got to the shoot location we still didn't have a story but everyone threw around a few ideas and we ended up coming up with something that I think is really cool. I won't go into all the details but pretty much I shoot someone and walk out like a b.a. proving that no one is all bad and no one is all good, there's a lot of grey. It was a cool short film, especially since it was silent, black and white, and shot on film. I can't wait to see the finished project but either way, it was a lot of fun to film and I'm glad I got to help Laura out when she was in a bind.

After we got back we all changed and met Mason, Jerry, and Corey (some of the finance boys from UGA)at an Indian restaurant near the financial district. They all got to meet Anita and vice versa and we had a great time getting to know each other and joking about different things. After that the girls headed home and I went to see "Get Him to the Greek" with the boys. It was entertaining and I'm glad I got to see it since I had already gone to the promotional event for it with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill.

The boys all had their first days of either training or work the next morning so we parted ways after the movie and I headed home to get some sleep!

Song Of The Day:

"Paris" By Benton Paul. I just love it, just as I love Paris. He speaks french in the song and it's beautiful.

6/5- Saturday in the City

I didn't get back until pretty late on Friday night so I slept in on Saturday morning. Then I went and met Rebekah and her friend Hatty for lunch at a pizza place where they were meeting Rebekah's friend Weston, who works in TV production here in NY.

Lunch was a lot of fun because we all just got along very well and joked for a couple hours. I also got to talk to Weston about his job and the shows he's worked on (Celebrity Apprentice, Project Runway, Design Star), which was really interesting since I'm also interested in film production.

After lunch Rebekah and I headed back to my dorm, rested for a bit, and then met Mason to go to Washington Square. I swear, that has turned into one of my favorite places in the city because there's always something going on and it's great to sit by the fountain on a beautiful day.

After that I showed them my office and we went back to hang out at my dorm and they all met the roommates. We joked around for about an hour, devoured a bag of dibs, and then Rebekah, Laura (a roommate), Nick (Laura's boyfriend), and I decided we wanted to go to a concert on Governor's Island.

It sucked because by the time we got to the ferry to take us to the island, they were over capacity and had shut the island down. I've never really heard of people shutting down an island before but hey, we still decided to make the most of it. In the distance we could see the Brooklyn bridge so we decided to go walk on it because it's beautiful at night.

We did that for a while and took some pictures (which I will post when I get my computer working again) and then heading back towards Union Square for dinner. We went to this japanese restaurant that was SOO loud but really New York-esk and then we headed back for a restful last night in New York for Rebekah.

Song Of The Day:
"Brooklyn" by Wakey!Wakey! just because I walked on the Brooklyn bridge that night :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

6/4- It's Friday Night

At work I got to help a lot more on the marketing side of things on Friday because I was the only intern working.I had to draft a pitch about the newest editorial gallery all about Carrie Underwood's fashion evolution and then send it out to different press outlets to gain exposure. It was slightly intimidating but a good experience and I think I've already learned more about different pitch structures.

I also made an intern calendar for my boss, went on a staples run, and sent out some packages before working on more trivia. Finally, towards the end of the day one of my bosses took me to the closet where they store back issues of Billboards because she needed me to find some with Tim McGraw on the cover to get signed for fans at the Country Music Summit in Nashville.

The closet was crazy! It has very little to no organization but it was actually a lot of fun rummaging through old issues and I got to keep a few included a Michael Jackson memorial issue, an Olympics issue, and a 100th Year Anniversary of Billboard issue.

Friday was a good day at work because I liked what I was doing and I had two of my bosses stop by my desk and tell me that I was doing a good job. I'm very much a words of encouragement person and it meant a lot for them to take time out of their days to say that.

After work I went to see my sorority sister, Stephanie's, dance show because she had been doing a two week long dance intensive in NY. My friend Rebekah went with me because she was in town visiting for the weekend and afterwards we went to dinner and met up with the boys for a bit. It was a fun night and it was really cool to get to see Stephanie perform in NY, I was so proud!

Carrie Underwood Gallery I wrote a pitch for:

Song of the Day:
N*SYNC's "Friday Night". I'm in a super good mood so even though the song isn't accurate for me, I'm blasting some old school "just got paid, friday night"...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

6/3- work, son!

Thursday was a busy day at work- and very stressful. I worked on trivia a fair amount, then a bunch of invoices- starting to look like my daily routine- but then I made a lot of phone calls and tried to get my computer issues worked out with IT. Working with IT was frustrating to say the least but hopefully all the issues will be worked out soon.

I met a new intern from the digital department, Joe, who is a third year at NYU. He will be working in the same cubicle as me on Tues/Thurs and might even be helping us with trivia, yay! He is shockingly enough from Jersey, where it seems like most people at NYU are from and we bonded over the ridiculousness of "Jersey Shore" because you actually have to drive through his town to get there.

My guy friend Mason got in town on Thursday because he is interning with Goldman Sachs here this summer. He met me at my dorm and we walked around for what seemed like a very long time before going to dinner at a n Italian restaurant where we caught up since this past semester had been crazy for both of us.

We then met one of Mason's friends, Jerry, for a while who is also interning up here before realizing it was late and that we needed to head back because I had work in the morning. It was a really fun night and I'm excited to get to hang out with both of those guys more this summer.

Song Of The Day:
"Bright Lights" by Matchbox 20. It's an oldie but a goodie and I'm going for songs that have lights in the title because they're NYC appropriate!

6/3- Work and fun in Soho

At work I focused on the trivia project in the morning- I figured out we'll have to come up with about 4,000 trivia questions, yikes! But then I did a few more invoices, had to follow up with a few companies and have them fax us receipts, and just did a lot of random jobs for my three bosses. I also helped out a lot with a brand summary that just talked about the success of a previous campaign for one of our sponsors and I was finally able to set up my billboard email. I am now officially legit and can be emailed at! at least until mid august haha!

After work there was a promo at an Apple Store in Soho for Get Him to the Greek and both Jonah Hill and Russell Brand were there talking about the movie. And by talking about the movie I mean really just having a little comedy set on stage randomly interrupted occasionally by a moderator and video clips. It was great- they're both really entertaining and it was something just cool and free to do during the week.

After that Anita and I went to dinner in this really cool place in Soho called Peep. The reason they call it that is a little awkward though- their bathrooms are really just two way mirrors so you watch everyone while you're in the restroom. It was kind of uncomfortable and unnecessary but o well.

We then walked back to the dorm from Soho, which is about a 20 minute walk. It was really nice out and I stopped and got ice cream- I'd say that walking in NYC on a beautiful night with ice cream is probably the most content anyone could ever hope to be. BUT then it got better. When Anita and I got back we got to watch the new episode of Glee while I finished my ice cream- I've now officially turned Anita into a Gleek- and it was a great way to end the night!

Song Of The Day:
"Sleepyhead" by Passion Pit because A) i'm currently exhausted while writing this B) it's stuck in my head & C) my roommates were talking about probably going to their concert in late June or July!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6/1- My Sister's Birthday

Tuesday was my big sister's 23rd birthday, woohoo!! I'm bummed that I'm having to miss it but I hope she'll understand.

Tuesday was a crazy busy day at work. A new intern, Jenna, started and although I've only been there a week, I had to help train her, go with her to get her badge, and help get her settled in. She is really great- very geniune and easy to work with, which is great because we'll work together three days a week.

I now have a Billboard email, ahh, so legit. SO legit. And yes, I know I shouldn't be that excited but I am haha!

Jenna and I continued to work on the trivia project, I'm excited to have someone to split that with, and then sent a few packages, returned some emails, and learned how to create and organize invoices.

I came home after work and I was honestly absolutely exhausted. I watched Glee with my roommates on my semi-broken computer, read a little more in my book, joked around with Anita for a while, and then went to bed.

Song Of The Day:

"So Contagious" by Acceptance. Once again, just because I like it. The song and the band are e great. "Different" is very good as well, check them both out!

5/31- Memorial Day

My memorial day was really chill. I was originally going to try to go to Jersey for my friend, Michelle's, birthday but plans kind of fell through and I was also worried about not getting back in time for work Tuesday morning. So I updated the blog, hope you guys appreciated it lol, did some work for Billboard, read one of the many books I'm currently working on, and caught up on some of my shows.
Then my roommate Anita got back from visiting home and we both got dressed up and went out to a nice dinner at Cafeteria. It's a great restaurant not too far away from our dorm and there's typically a few celebs there. I got fried chicken and waffles that were to die for!!! It's funny that I've never had those together in the south but just had to try it in NYC.
We then headed back to the dorm and it was an absolutely beautiful night in the city. We walked passed some navy seals and it reminded just how thankful I am for those who have fought and died defending our country.
I've already figured out that I truly love to just walk around this city, taking it all in, and I know I will miss being able to do that when this summer is over.

Song Of The Day:

The live version of "City" by Sara Barielles. The lyrics are "here in these deep city lights/
girl could get lost tonight..." and it was stuck in my head as we were taking our time walking back to the dorm!