Monday, May 24, 2010

5/23- My First Day In NYC

Yesterday morning I woke up around 7 to finish packing, get ready, and leave for the airport around 9:30. This was my first time flying completely alone and I was feeling nervous/excited to get to New York and get settled in. I made friends with the guy next to me on the airplane, Josh, and the flight went by really quickly.

Once I got my luggage and made it to a taxi, it wasn't too long of a drive to my dorm at NYU. I checked in, got my keys, and met my roommates- Anita, Laura, and Hillary. We got to know each other a little better and then went to Trader Joe's to get groceries and I had a slice of genuine NY pizza for dinner (yum!!).

After dinner we watched some tv and headed to Barnes and Noble where I had my first celeb sighting of the trip. Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine, Definitely, Maybe, Signs) was there shopping because she is playing Helen Keller on Broadway. We then came back to the dorm and I fell asleep early because I'm still recovering from my two weeks helping with the rebuild in New Orleans.

So far my summer is off to a great start- New Orleans was amazing and I'm thinking about volunteering for a year there through AmeriCorps after I graduate. Now New York is already more than I hoped it would be and I'm getting to fulfill my dream of going to NYU (I'm taking a course for summer interns) and living in the big city. I'll write again tomorrow, I have a lot more settling in to do before my first day at Billboard, ahh!

Song Of The Day:
"One Step At A Time" by Jordin Sparks
This song was playing at the airport as I was waiting for a taxi and feeling more than slightly overwhelmed. It's reminding me not to stress and just take everything one step and day at a time :)

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