Friday, May 28, 2010

5/27- Rich's Last Day :(

One word will summarize my day at work today: TRIVIA. TONS of it. I briefly mentioned in an earlier post that I have been assigned to work on a trivia project off and on for the next few weeks and I spent all day working on it on Thursday. It's not too bad though because I am a) amazed by the amount of random facts that I already know (surprisingly a lot to do with boy bands and pop divas, no judgments) and b) I'm learning a lot that I feel like I should already know.

One category was on classic rock for example and I think I already have a better feel for who the main members of the top 15 or so classic rocks bands are. I know that'll come in handy when everyone talks about the role this person or that person played in transforming the music industry (those conversations actually do happen a fair amount) and I won't have to depend upon the polite "nod and smile" technique to get me through. PLUS, if I' ever on any type of trivia show- I should totally have the music category in the bag by the end of this haha!

BUT today was sadly Rich's (another intern) last day. We went out to lunch to celebrate and he gave me even more tips about the city, where to go during down time, restaurants to check out, and pointed out the park the Friends intro was filmed in. I really am going to miss him even though we didn't get to work together that long.

We got back to the office and my bosses continued to introduce me to more people that were all very nice and welcoming. They seemed impressed that I came here without knowing very many people and asked how my parents were handling it since some of them have kids my age- I fibbed slightly and said they were taking it unbelievably well, which is what I know both of them want me to believe :-p.

I went back to working on trivia for a while before IT came upstairs and set me up with my own username and password to go with my nifty new badge. I'm starting to feel pretty legit and cannot wait to have my own billboard email as well (yes, I know that's dorky but I know you guys love me anyway).

I then headed home for the day and didn't have any celebrity sightings this time, sadness, I know. But I got dinner and watched Green Street Hooligans with two of my roommates and Laura's boyfriend, Nick. None of them had seen it although they're huge movie people so I was excited to watch it with them for their first time. From what I can tell they enjoyed it and next on the list to watch are Boondock Saints and Meet Joe Black (two of my all time favorites).

Song Of The Day:
"Rotten Apples" by Voxhaul Broadcast- I got it off of the series finale of "Ugly Betty", which is a show about a girl that comes to the big city to work at a magazine (familiar? maybe..). She's slightly overwhelmed at first but ends up loving her job, standing on her own two feet, and making everyone in her life really proud. I'm hoping for a similar ending to this blog!

I'll write again later today!

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