Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5/24- My Second Day

So yesterday was all about settling in to my dorm and NYC itself. I slept in late (first time all summer), unpacked some, and then wondered around for a few hours getting my NYU ID, shopping a little (not too much lol), and getting a new memory card/internet cable for my computer. Luckily and dangerously enough, we are right next to the world's only 24-hour Best Buy and a two story Forever 21. Dangerous? Yes. Awesome? Most definitely.

I eventually made it back to the dorms to hang out with my awesome roommates. I went and got a "first day of work" manicure with Anita, which comes with a complementary shoulder massage (heck yeah!). Then on our way back I had my second celebrity sighting - no other than Corbin Blue was walking down Broadway where he is staring in "In the Heights", which I got to see with my dad when I was here for my interview. Dad nicely refers to him as cordon bleu and yes, that did flash through my head when I saw him, thanks pops. Anita will tell you I gawked a little bit but hey, who can fault a girl?

Then we came back and hung out for a few hours with Laura and her boyfriend Nick, which was really relaxing and a good way to bond some more before I went to bed because I started my internship the next day.

I think the best part was that I really got a much better feel for the city. I got to explore, figure out what restaurants I want to check out, and never even got lost! That is a huge accomplishment for me (even with an iPhone) and I hope everyone is very proud! I'm also not nearly as overwhelmed by the city now and it might not be AS obvious that I'm still technically a tourist.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about my first day at Billboard so make sure to read and comment! Love you guys!

Song of the Day:
"Ocean Wide" by The Afters
Solely because I like it. Some songs will just be random but I think that makes them even better.

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  1. Sounds like ur having fun already! By the time you get back you'll be bff with several celebs no doubt and too darn worldly for small town Athens! Keep living the dream girl : )