Monday, May 31, 2010

5/30- Sarah Gets to New York!!

So I woke up late on Sunday morning to a text from my friend Sarah telling me that she was in NYC with her mom and wanted to know my plans for the day. I ended up meeting them in Times Square before we walked around looking for a place for lunch. We walked through Rockefeller Center and then along 5th Avenue before finally finding a place near central park. We had a great lunch and I got to hear more about Sarah's summer internship in New Jersey.

After lunch we then took the Subway and ended up walking around Chinatown, Little Italy, Soho, and I showed them Washington Square where the Friends intro was filmed. After that I showed them my office and my dorm. It was great to get to catch up with them and I'm so excited that Sarah is going to be up here with me this summer!

After they left I just had a quiet night in. I walked around union square a little bit and got spaghetti to go from a local restaurant but I was exhausted after all of the walking and exploring that day. I've already crossed off a lot of places that I wanted to see this trip and it's only my first week!

Song Of The Day:

"To Remember" by Josh Kelley. It has a great intro, here are the lyrics:

"You work to be the best
And now you've got your shot
Taking every opportunity, To give them everything you've got
Never will you surrender, Never will you fall
Never will you break down under the pressure of it all

You did it all with purpose, And we'll hollar as we stand
Cuz we'e so proud of you oh
Not just for the glory but for everything you do
Oh we're so proud of you
Oh you've given us a story that forever we will use
Because this is how we choose to remember
To remember, To remember
To remember, Just where we were
To remember, To remember"

5/29- My First Saturday in New York

Saturday I got to sleep in late and then decided to be pretty productive. I finished organizing everything in my room, took out the trash, did the dishes, and ran some errands. On my way back from running errands I stopped in Union Square and took a look at all the artist booths because before we leave I want to buy a painting of the city. I've been collecting paintings from all of the places I've visited for a few years now and I can't wait to add one to commemorate this summer.

After I got back my roommate, Hillary, invited me to dinner and to go see Sex and The City 12 with some of her friends. We went to this cafe type restaurant called Grey Dog and it was really good- I have a feeling I might go there a fair amount, especially since it's close to the dorm.

I met her friend Jamie and one of Jamie's friends. We talked a lot about where we're from, how I'm adjusting to the city, and what we are all studying. Jamie is also studying communications and is interning with Disney this summer.

We then went to see Sex and the City 2, which was...interesting? Slightly stupid? let's go with both and then some. We saw some navy seals on the way there though because it is fleet week, which reminds me of one of the few Sex and the City episodes I actually have seen.

After the movie Jamie and Hillary took me on a little walking tour of a lot of the east and west village. We wound up at a cute little place in the west village that matches homemade cupcakes with different wines and beers. It was very cute and very New York-esk, plus my cupcake was fantastic :)

Song Of The Day:
When I was out running errands I decided to do it New Yorker style and listened to my music as I walked. I put my ipod on shuffle and "Your Love Is a Song" by Switchfoot came up. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining on me, and I just felt so unbelievably blessed. The lyrics are "oo your love is a symphony/all around me/running through me/your love is a melody/underneath me/running to me/ your love is a song."

5/28- My First Week At Billboard

Since Friday was the beginning of Memorial day weekend, it was a short but productive day at work. I had my first RFP meeting with the heads of the marketing and sales departments. 'm not going to lie- it was an intimidating meeting. I mainly just sat back and listened to different proposal ideas and took notes. At one point I was asked my opinion on some commercials I had watched because they're geared towards my demographic. I think I offered my opinions clearly and hopefully made a good first impression.

The office then closed at 1 pm for the day and I headed home. On the way I ran in to 10 people dressed as mongols and shirtless army men. I'm guessing there was a movie being filmed somewhere close by but if there's anything I've learned so far it's that you never really know in New York, haha!

When I got back I was exhausted so I had lunch, took a nap, and then had a relaxing night in.

Song Of The Day:

"Falling Slowly" by The Frames because sometime during my relaxing night I looked back through some of my favorite dances from So You Think You Can Dance. I love this song and the dance is beautiful!

Friday, May 28, 2010

5/27- Rich's Last Day :(

One word will summarize my day at work today: TRIVIA. TONS of it. I briefly mentioned in an earlier post that I have been assigned to work on a trivia project off and on for the next few weeks and I spent all day working on it on Thursday. It's not too bad though because I am a) amazed by the amount of random facts that I already know (surprisingly a lot to do with boy bands and pop divas, no judgments) and b) I'm learning a lot that I feel like I should already know.

One category was on classic rock for example and I think I already have a better feel for who the main members of the top 15 or so classic rocks bands are. I know that'll come in handy when everyone talks about the role this person or that person played in transforming the music industry (those conversations actually do happen a fair amount) and I won't have to depend upon the polite "nod and smile" technique to get me through. PLUS, if I' ever on any type of trivia show- I should totally have the music category in the bag by the end of this haha!

BUT today was sadly Rich's (another intern) last day. We went out to lunch to celebrate and he gave me even more tips about the city, where to go during down time, restaurants to check out, and pointed out the park the Friends intro was filmed in. I really am going to miss him even though we didn't get to work together that long.

We got back to the office and my bosses continued to introduce me to more people that were all very nice and welcoming. They seemed impressed that I came here without knowing very many people and asked how my parents were handling it since some of them have kids my age- I fibbed slightly and said they were taking it unbelievably well, which is what I know both of them want me to believe :-p.

I went back to working on trivia for a while before IT came upstairs and set me up with my own username and password to go with my nifty new badge. I'm starting to feel pretty legit and cannot wait to have my own billboard email as well (yes, I know that's dorky but I know you guys love me anyway).

I then headed home for the day and didn't have any celebrity sightings this time, sadness, I know. But I got dinner and watched Green Street Hooligans with two of my roommates and Laura's boyfriend, Nick. None of them had seen it although they're huge movie people so I was excited to watch it with them for their first time. From what I can tell they enjoyed it and next on the list to watch are Boondock Saints and Meet Joe Black (two of my all time favorites).

Song Of The Day:
"Rotten Apples" by Voxhaul Broadcast- I got it off of the series finale of "Ugly Betty", which is a show about a girl that comes to the big city to work at a magazine (familiar? maybe..). She's slightly overwhelmed at first but ends up loving her job, standing on her own two feet, and making everyone in her life really proud. I'm hoping for a similar ending to this blog!

I'll write again later today!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

5/26- Oh Hey, P. Diddy?!

Today was my second day at work and I got to meet two of the other interns- James and Kewanee who are both nice and really helpful. I was excited to find out that although it's Rich's last day tomorrow, sad day, they'll be working with me for the rest of the summer.

I spent most of the day working on the trivia project I was assigned where I'm pretty much just coming up with and grouping trivia questions so that we can have more games on our website and facebook fanpage. I ended up staying until 7 finishing up what I needed to of that for the day and then headed home.

It was gorgeous out so I stopped for ice cream and thank goodness that I did because then everything got a little crazy (in a good way). A guy with a huge camera jumped pretty much right infront of me as I was crossing the street towards my dorm and I stopped, stunned and confused only to be surrounded by about 10 people dressed in white and wearing Sean John. Then I realized what was going on- I turned to my right and saw Diddy (P. Diddy? can never keep it straight) walking with his bodyguard, assistant, and about 3 video cameras. I'm not sure what was going on but I took a crappy picture with my phone ( I was still holding my ice cream with my other hand lol but I'll try to post that tonight) and then got out of the way before getting trampled by the mob that had begun to grow around me.

I headed back to the dorm to have chinese food and watch Glee with my roomates, great way to end the day by the way, and tell them all about my run in with Diddy. They insist that I've just had crazy good luck with celebrity sightings and that it'll run out shortly- I hoping that's not true but that my blog will be interesting enough either way ;)

Song of the day:
"Something Beautiful" by NeedtoBreathe because I love it and they're signed to Atlantic where Kewanee (another intern) interns as well so we talked about the band briefly. Take a listen, I love the song and the band!

5/25- My First Day At Billboard

Tuesday was my first day and boy was I nervous but I think I did a pretty good job at hiding it. I met my three primary bosses Kerri, Nicole, and Julie and they're all really great and approachable. I met another intern, Rich, and worked with him all day on various projects. We first had to draft an RFP (request for proposal, learned what that was lol) and then draft a one sheet to present to potential advertisers. All of that was completely new to me and I already feel like I've learned more about marketing and advertising since most of my experience is more promotions specific.

I then worked on a few other projects, started my trivia project that I'll be working on for the rest of the week, and before I knew it it was 6 pm and work was over for the day. I headed home for dinner and then ended up hanging out with Anita for the night!

Song of the Day:
LGA by Wakey!Wakey! because it talks about Laguardia, which I flew in to and because it's just a great song.

My first subway ride in NYC this trip!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5/24- My Second Day

So yesterday was all about settling in to my dorm and NYC itself. I slept in late (first time all summer), unpacked some, and then wondered around for a few hours getting my NYU ID, shopping a little (not too much lol), and getting a new memory card/internet cable for my computer. Luckily and dangerously enough, we are right next to the world's only 24-hour Best Buy and a two story Forever 21. Dangerous? Yes. Awesome? Most definitely.

I eventually made it back to the dorms to hang out with my awesome roommates. I went and got a "first day of work" manicure with Anita, which comes with a complementary shoulder massage (heck yeah!). Then on our way back I had my second celebrity sighting - no other than Corbin Blue was walking down Broadway where he is staring in "In the Heights", which I got to see with my dad when I was here for my interview. Dad nicely refers to him as cordon bleu and yes, that did flash through my head when I saw him, thanks pops. Anita will tell you I gawked a little bit but hey, who can fault a girl?

Then we came back and hung out for a few hours with Laura and her boyfriend Nick, which was really relaxing and a good way to bond some more before I went to bed because I started my internship the next day.

I think the best part was that I really got a much better feel for the city. I got to explore, figure out what restaurants I want to check out, and never even got lost! That is a huge accomplishment for me (even with an iPhone) and I hope everyone is very proud! I'm also not nearly as overwhelmed by the city now and it might not be AS obvious that I'm still technically a tourist.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about my first day at Billboard so make sure to read and comment! Love you guys!

Song of the Day:
"Ocean Wide" by The Afters
Solely because I like it. Some songs will just be random but I think that makes them even better.

Monday, May 24, 2010

5/23- My First Day In NYC

Yesterday morning I woke up around 7 to finish packing, get ready, and leave for the airport around 9:30. This was my first time flying completely alone and I was feeling nervous/excited to get to New York and get settled in. I made friends with the guy next to me on the airplane, Josh, and the flight went by really quickly.

Once I got my luggage and made it to a taxi, it wasn't too long of a drive to my dorm at NYU. I checked in, got my keys, and met my roommates- Anita, Laura, and Hillary. We got to know each other a little better and then went to Trader Joe's to get groceries and I had a slice of genuine NY pizza for dinner (yum!!).

After dinner we watched some tv and headed to Barnes and Noble where I had my first celeb sighting of the trip. Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine, Definitely, Maybe, Signs) was there shopping because she is playing Helen Keller on Broadway. We then came back to the dorm and I fell asleep early because I'm still recovering from my two weeks helping with the rebuild in New Orleans.

So far my summer is off to a great start- New Orleans was amazing and I'm thinking about volunteering for a year there through AmeriCorps after I graduate. Now New York is already more than I hoped it would be and I'm getting to fulfill my dream of going to NYU (I'm taking a course for summer interns) and living in the big city. I'll write again tomorrow, I have a lot more settling in to do before my first day at Billboard, ahh!

Song Of The Day:
"One Step At A Time" by Jordin Sparks
This song was playing at the airport as I was waiting for a taxi and feeling more than slightly overwhelmed. It's reminding me not to stress and just take everything one step and day at a time :)

Why I'm doing this...

Hey so I'm interning in NY this summer at Billboard and to receive credit for my internship, I have to keep a daily journal. I figured I might as well just post it online and start a blog! I'll keep you guys updated on everything NY, celeb sightings (one and counting), and my day-to-day at Billboard. Also when I can I'll try to add a song of the day just for fun. Post comments if you wish :)

Song Of The Day:

"Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.

"In New York,
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There's nothing you can't do,
Now you're in New York,
These streets will make you feel brand new,
The lights will inspire you,
Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York"

Then it says something about living on Billboard, how fitting :)